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Holtspur Bottom Butterfly Reserve

Reserve map circa 2001

Reserve map of Holtspur Bottom circa 2001.

They say that every picture tells a story, but this one tells several. You will see for example that the entrance to the reserve is via the public footpath off Riding Lane. The present day entrance area was marked as Old Tip, with no public access. An early photo shows how different this area was when Butterfly Conservation took over management of the reserve.

You may also realise that the features marked Proposed bare faces (or what we now call scrapes) are nowhere near their actual position. Preliminary work showed the chalk to be too far below the surface this far down the slope, and so all our scrapes are now near the top of the slope where the chalk is nearer the surface, and they are all in the Upper Field. (See How we manage the reserve for more information.)

The area known as Triangle Bank is described as "species-rich grassland improved by scrub removal". However, ongoing scrub removal is still needed in this area, and even in 2008, parts of this area were covered by a forest of saplings. Fully restoring Triangle Bank to species-rich grassland is an ongoing project!

You can also see the area in the Lower Field that was ploughed to try to get rid of ragwort, and then reseeded with native herbs and grasses in 2000.

Finally, you will see many of the fences and hedges described as "new". The present day reserve is quite a contrast to the largely featureless field when we took over management!


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